10 Things to do

Dear Reader,

This is a fun page! I have collected some “classic problems” I had at the beginning, right after the “Big Bang!”. I hope it will help you or at least it will make you laugh out loud!

1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

YouTube Link: I am a star

2. Stop eating or not eating at all and be healthy!

YouTube Link: No sugar??!!

3. Stop thinking about the past and what you lost and look forward! It is time for planning!

YouTube Link: Oh please, just not about the past again!

4. Stop being lazy and do some exercise!

YouTube Link: Let’s do it!

5. Stop worrying about what others say or think!

YouTube Link: You are who you are!

6. Start to upgrade your environment! (clean or redesign room/flat or just simply move)

YouTube Link: It works for some….

7. Start going out and socialise, start to listen!

YouTube Link: How to find friends!

8. Start a course and train your brain!

YouTube Link: I am smart enough!

9. Start to believe in yourself (I can do it attitude) and get your self-esteem back!

YouTube Link: Because I am cool!

10. Start to travel, discover and retail therapy is also important (don’t spend more than what you have)!

YouTube Link: How to have fun?


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