No blessing please!

After telling the same story a hundred times, “we just grew apart etc” you kind of get sick of it. You get lovely comments such as: “oh, how old are you? 30? Oh, you will be fine…” and you see their faces and you know they think: “well you should hurry up…!” or “oh poor thing, bless you”. As much as I like to be blessed, just keep it to yourself. Next group: “oh you are a survivor, I am sure you will be fine” and on that note they can comfort themselves that it is ok and you are fine. Guess what, I am a survivor but I am still having one of the worst periods of my life and yeah, a bit of help wouldn’t be harmful. To these people I just wish that they never get into this situation. And let’s not forget about the others: “give time to yourself”, “someone better will come, you will see” – however true this might be, in that moment it is not helping and you would find it hard to believe too. Or the worst group: “yeah well I didn’t want to say but I always suspected this”… no you didn’t! Or even if you did just shut up or you should have said it before. Depends on the person of course….. Why cannot people just say, sorry to hear that and let’s catch up and do something! This way you are kept busy and you feel you are loved. But no, most of the people don’t get that! (Author: An, edited by my lovely friend E.) Next: The Mother’s Dream


Blessed vs blessed

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