Skeleton in the mirror

Two months were more than enough to lose 5kg without even trying too. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who loses weight instead of gaining it, when stressed. Lucky me! And I was eating (I swear) but I didn’t spend too much time thinking about my body. (I guess my mind was rather preoccupied with everything else) However it’s fair to say that very soon I didn’t look good, at all! All of my clothes were hanging off of me, and everything that made me look like a woman, was gone (yep, no boobs, no butt). In addition to this, everybody (whom I am sure had the very best intentions as always…) made sure to tell me that I looked way too skinny… Just in case I hadn’t already noticed?! (Nooo, I’m not an idiot and I’m not starving myself for fun…) Ahem.

Anyway, after a breakup you suddenly seem to have so much time to think about everything (which is sometimes good but mostly a curse) and I noticed that my physical health was suffering as a result of how I felt. Therefore it had to be that the first steps to my recovery were to work on getting my body into shape! Let’s start with the basics: food!

Starting with healthy food and exercise is the best (most sensible) idea. Exercise really can help to keep your mind away from thinking about the past and pain too!

Before my health kick, the only thing I was eating at the time was broccoli, constantly. I lived on it! Either broccoli soup, or broccoli with sour cream and cheese, sometimes even broccoli with red pesto- yummy! I think I have tried every single way how you can eat broccoli.So I started to work hard to put some healthy weight back on and gradually I was achieving this. Looked like a girl again, hurray! No one said to me that I was fat before (our relationship ended), and I don’t think I was, but everybody said how good I looked after (so I guess I was fat a bit….). (Nowadays the question I have: How can I keep this and not to put weight back on? Over 30 is harder than ever…)

Next on my (recovery) agenda? I went home for a week. (What else would you do after the breakdown of a relationship?) I stuffed my face with lovely home-made cakes, sweet pastry and pretty much everything with full of sugar.

I also went to Croatia for 3 days with my bros and mum so my skin could feel the sun for a change (Love you London! But….). Being loved by them and by my friends was what I needed more than anything. It helped me to switch off, and get some sleep, if only a little bit. Falling asleep easily was something I had completely forgotten how to do for a year….

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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skeleton in the mirror

A skeleton in the mirror

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