Living from a suitcase…

I found myself in a less than ideal situation upon my return from America- I was homeless. This meant living from a suitcase and calling upon trusty friends for a bed. Manageable sure, but going from living in my own house to living from a suitcase, was a challenge. Same clothes, same shoes, same everything… You do get sick of it, trust me!

Most weekends I would stay in London, with my weekdays spread here, there and everywhere. I also had every second week up North in hotels and during the rest of my time (“only” 6 weeks in total before I got my freedom back) I was lucky enough to be put up by a couple of friends – even though they had enough on their plate with their children, husband etc.

Living from a suitcase was difficult but I am so grateful that I was not alone at that time. Having friends around me saved me from utter loneliness. (as a solution just move together with a friend 😉 ) My friends did everything they could to distract me-TV, socialising and games – they even let me win Monopoly ;-). My favourite couple (where I never feel like I am the third wheel) made sure I am out and tipsy every weekend at least a little bit (1 cocktail does the job – “cheap date” I know, see picture below). Knowing that they are happy – and when couples are happy they do not go out as often obviously – I do appreciate how much extra effort it took them to entertain me just because they love me. (Thank you V+J!)

I was holding it together – just. I had to because I was in this country away from my family, away from my best-friend in America and apart from the man I had loved and sought comfort in for the past 5 years. No breaking down. Not yet… I had to find a flat first. Finding a flat had been my main focus since the trip. I made a list of what I needed and what I would like and asked the universe to help me out. I was close to losing my sanity but later found miracles CAN happen…

suitcase life

Suitcase life

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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