My single – really?

For me, being homeless meant I was actually being looked after by wonderful friends at any one time. I was lucky. And it was one of these lovely, caring, friends whom decided to put me on (Lucky me!)

In general, dating-sites are really not something I am a big fan of and I still felt pretty raw from my break-up, but I have to say this site certainly changed my mood within a day of being on it. I believe my emotions ranged from despair, to finding a new confidence, to shock- all within the first 24 hours! Within a day my inbox was full (Shocking!). Not because I am such a sex-goddess but because my friend’s hubby (the one who put me on the site) is the king of marketing and the profile he had created for me was far too catchy! Something like this: Chatty. Shiny blonde hair. Lives for her friends. Is after someone who owns a sports car. Also I made sure to put up a good photo- not entirely difficult in todays’ day of editing tools. My profile did the job- it attracted attention. Some good…but mostly bewildering! Many guys came back to me telling me they loved my profile. Which made me laugh. Of course they did because a guy wrote it!

Of course I wasn’t in the right mindset to actually meet with any of these men and I deleted my profile within two weeks, but these two weeks boosted my confidence and self-esteem no end! … As well as at the same time helping me to greatly improve my idiot-filter.

This post cannot be finished without one of my favourite online dating stories… According to one guy online, he was working at a bank and swimming every lunchtime- so far, so good. He then went on to ask me exactly how shiny my hair was.  So I told him that my hair is very shiny (flirty, forward…tipsy…) and then… being a bit “tipsy”, (some might have said “drunk” but I believe tipsy sounds more cute…) I… well, I asked him a simple question: “how big is yours?” And guess what? He came back to me almost instantly and said “It depends on the lighting!”…  Once I read the message –when sober– I didn’t know what to say! Also I wasn’t entirely sure why he had admitted to needing lighting to enhance his…  Anyway, I never replied to him.

Was this my last online dating experience? Of course not…. But I did take a long break.

*You can’t blame a drunk girl, a girl who has been out of the dating game for 5 years, on being a little curious… 😉

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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