Shock to the body

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me! … And now I hope you are singing. Great start!

I believe the shock to your body as a result of no longer having, regular/if at all any, sex is important to mention. It is easy to assume that as girls we do not need sex as much as a man typically would. However suddenly no kisses, hugs, touching and of course no sex…It’s awful. When your body gets its fair share of sex, life is good and normally you are relaxed.  How many times have you encountered a frustrated colleague and you secretly think to yourself “Oh please just go home and get some sex, will you?” (Of course we are all nice, civilized young ladies and do not say that out loud…)

Not that I have ever used any drugs but I think having sex is a similar type of addiction. Addicted to pleasure. Even if you are not having sex, human nature (instinct) is a funny thing. Once a month my body is definitely telling me that it wants its some. I tell my body “Well tough s#!*” I am in control (and I am not a teenager anymore). Sooner or later you ease off yourself and you get used to not being touched, strangely you start to forget or believe that you used to have regular sex! Sometimes it made me wonder if I would even know how to kiss someone again!

I went for a massage around this time and it felt so strange to have somebody (albeit female) touch me again. Don’t get me wrong- I wasn’t turned on! It was just very strange to have hands on my body after months of having no one touch me.

When you are having sex, you are probably smiling, you are probably more confident and you are probably attracting more guys than ever! Why? Because you are glowing and it shows. When you are single this is the hardest challenge- to get this glow back without the help of someone else. Without sex. Without a rebound…

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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Shock to the the body

Shock to the the body

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