Let time do the job!

One of my biggest problems is that I am not really a patient person… However I feel like the Universe has taught me well recently and given me plenty of opportunities to practice. Being on your own again is one of those practices. I knew I couldn’t/didn’t have it in me to start a new relationship, I knew I couldn’t start a new job just yet because I had to save first and I also knew that my friends were busy around Christmas. And I knew that I had just moved to a new City and new friendships do not happen overnight.

So I had time to pass (winter season btw). It was okay though because I didn’t have too much energy and my self-esteem was nowhere to be seen. So what to do when you need to switch off and heal? Yep, this is the right time to catch up with all the books, films and boxsets you have heard of recently. Personally, I wasn’t sure about 24, I was never brave enough to start it as I thought I would never get my life back. I had finished Dexter, watched Mad Men and read the Divergent trilogy and many others. But there were many others for me to lose myself in (see my collection on the 10 of something page). There is one rule you must remember when you are at this stage: Never watch love comedies! Instead of giving you hope that it can happen to you it will make you really depressed, you might think it’s not possible to feel lower than you already do, but you can-trust me!

I know it is not the best period and if you can force yourself to go out you are stronger than me but if you can’t, instead of crying (which isn’t great for your skin and general look so by this time I skipped this option for good) then it is easiest to put on a film/ grab a book, and lose yourself in another world. Let time do the job for you!

This period really helped me to “fade” those memories and the past in general. Eventually my brain started to clear out and even though there was a long way to go, I began to feel slightly more enthusiastic about everything again. The journey was still long from here but I was a step closer to finding my happiness again… and really soon I had a new plan to work on my body, soul and mind!

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

Next:  New Year – Appreciate all that is great

Let time do the job

Let time do the job

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