Mask Party in London…

No one can say I don’t go out and at least try everything, anymore. My lovely neighbours, who are really nice by the way just a bit too open-minded, invited me to a party. I am sure many people know about the mask parties at Elephant and Castle but I hadn’t and I was just about to discover it. It was Valentine day therefore no chance I was going to stay at home. Anyway, what can happen at a party like this? Truth? A lot! Never underestimate a mask party. Anything is possible in London. If you like adventures you should try.

I borrowed a beautiful mask and when I put it on it made me shiver. It really gives you something more. It places you in a different world. You become faceless and suddenly you feel you can do things normally you wouldn’t. It must be similar to when people give toy glasses to kids on a stage- they are not scared anymore. It gives you a second personality. No, I didn’t become an easy-to-get girl but you can kind of look everything without feeling ashamed.

When we got there I did realise pretty soon that it would be a night I wouldn’t forget. The costumes were beautiful, some girls really put effort in and it was worth going just for this. Naked people were there too and it was completely acceptable! Only one rule, they all had masks on, they wouldn’t let you in without it. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to share their c**ks with others but this place is not about limits and social norms. This place used to be a theatre. Which makes it very special. It was huge with many rooms and activities. The decoration was crazy- a pig head with an apple was the most shocking. In the middle you had the privilege of looking at ladies getting rid of their clothes. Well, mainly they were ladies. I am sure I wasn’t the only one shocked when one of them finished with a tiny cock! Straight away I had a handsome guy talking to me from Italy. He was doing his master degree here. I was very tempted I have to say but my inner game was nowhere back then and I ran away. Very mature I know. I went to try the floor above. Oh yes, forgot to say that I lost my neighbours pretty soon in the Jacuzzi room where they were all getting naked and watched old films. I really didn’t want to see him naked, I still wanted to like him. So I left him and discovered the place by myself. What else would I do? Alice’s wonderland seemed nothing compared with this alternative crazy world. On the top floor naked guys and girls were feeding their guests and each other. The feast! For me it just felt wrong but I do get the concept and why others find this fascinating. It was the busiest room. (I left this room pretty quickly.) The big theatre stage was for better quality shows. Bands were playing and of course more naked ladies. I had some guys talking to me here as well, can’t complain really. Must be good for your self-esteem right? There were cages around where you could take your selfie. There was a room where you can cut an onion and have some voodoo as a joke if you wanted to forget the X?! (It was Valentine’s Day after all.) Good job I hate onion so I never went close to that one but great idea… And there was a room where couples could try out some kind of dungeon treatments on each other, yum. I would like to clarify that everybody was playful and there to have a good time. I am sure it attracted the sick ones as well but it was full of security guys so I felt really safe and honestly most people were fun. All just wanted to try something different, and why not? You only live once. This is the safe version. This was the time when I learnt about the other kind of parties London had on offer. The ones I would probably not go to again. I came, I saw, I was shocked and left. Politely. And dressed.

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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