Swing party in London

Another kind of meet-up I was invited too was a swing night?! Nooo… it was an actual swing dancing night (your filthy minds interpreted “swing” to mean something different didn’t they …), and it was at St Paul’s none-the-less!

Dancing is a great way to meet people. You don’t talk as much- you only say hi- and you get to know the person via dancing. Boys are outside of the circle and the ladies are inside and you change partner every minute. Like a good old style dating method. Just how our grandparents did it when they didn’t have phones, the internet and not to mention the apps we are addicted to nowadays. It is magical. You actually have to touch the other person. It is so out of fashion nowadays isn’t it? Even in clubs you don’t connect in this way…. This traditional way worked for a reason and they had long lasting marriages (let’s not go into details of course, I realise it was a different world and they were not necessarily happy etc…).

When you dance with someone you can make a pretty good judgment. You look into their eyes and feel a connection. Their moves can tell you everything, whether they are confident or shy, if they are gentlemen or not, if they have manners… and so much more. I love it! The whole night was a brand new experience. There was a one big connection, we all loved dancing. They can’t be bad people?! My favourite part was when an older gentleman asked me for a dance, he was above 70 and had learnt swing when it had been trendy too. The way he danced was amazing. Like dancing with my grandpa. He was fit and full of energy. Just sitting there and watching others makes your heart beat faster. They teach you Charleston (you have to try this at least once) and blues and it is always different.

No, I didn’t find the one on that night but I didn’t go there to find the one, what I got was much more. Confidence, knowledge, fun, good music and experience. A good traditional swing party should be on the bucket list, when there is no invitation for the weekend, don’t stay in, try this out!

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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Swing party in London


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