It’s my birthday and I am over 30…

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday – I’mma spend my monneeeyyy!

I LOVE birthdays and I love making it special for others around me. However birthdays when you are single can sometimes be a challenging and emotional day. Especially over 30. How many times have I heard someone say “I am not going to celebrate over 30”? It becomes a day that people just want to get over and done with.

Negative thoughts creep in…  I am in my 30s and single, I have nothing to celebrate! I do have the odd negative thought about how I should be hurrying up too but I choose to ignore them (most of the time). What a shame though when we have these thoughts and pressures from ourselves and society!

I wish I could gather all of these people and tell them- Please don’t hide! Appreciate this magic day! Please think about this as the best day ever! I wish I could just explain to them how awesome birthdays can be! Anyone can make it awesome and it’s all about the mind-set! Personally I celebrate my birthday for practically the whole month but that’s a little bit extreme I know.

So how can we make birthdays memorable and how can we make sure to enjoy every second of it? I believe this is achieved through a positive mind-set, and achieving a positive mind-set all depends on how much effort you put into creating it. What you give is what you get!

Just to give you an idea this is how I do it.

  1. Sort out my attitude!
    The day will be the same but it’s all up to you if you put a smile on and enjoy and embrace that day or if you are miserable and you ruin it for yourself. Getting old is normal. Getting old means you are smarter, matured, you have more friends and I am sure you actually look so much better than ever. You know your values and you are not shy anymore. Love being over 30!

2. I book a ticket home (or travel home)! (Mentioned before)

As always being with your loved ones are the most important. Pick the weekend way upfront and send out an invitation. Pick the venue, choose the time, job done! I always start early so friends with kids can pop in. The good ones always turn up 🙂 Secret recipe: have no expectation who can make it and who can’t. If two of you are there it’s already a good night and you can shake your butt off and try all the bars. Also organise a family lunch on a Sunday. Let them love you and make you laugh! Homeland ticked!

3. I let people know at work it’s my birthday

Bake something special and organise a lunch out, it’s your day! Only of course if your colleagues are nice. Most of the time I have been lucky but I know the exception…

4. I book a day when it’s only me!

Find all the deals on the net and do the following: hairdresser, manicure & pedicure, message and shopping (I can’t do that for more than an hour, drives me nuts)! I would never miss that day! If you can afford it try something new you have never tried but always wanted. Skydiving is not just for 30 and you have cheaper options. Wine tasting, chocolate making, new sport etc.

5. Finally (if you live far from home like me) organise a cocktail night for everybody you know

Again no expectation on the number, over 30 quality what counts not quantity 😉 trust me! As a bonus I try to book a weekend somewhere else in the month but this one varies. Just be open minded and have some options.

This is your day (month)! Make the most of it and let people enjoy it with you!

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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Birthdays are the best

Birthdays are the best

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