God save us all from married men!

My friend is always laughing at me because I often get into situations I really don’t want to be in. One of them was quite shocking. I was naive I guess but when I bumped into a (sort of/ distant in the company somewhere…) colleague in the lift at work and it turned out that our hotels were close to each other (where we were both on a work trip) he suggested that we should have dinner together. I couldn’t see why not, he was in a hotel, I was in a hotel, and it is boring to eat on your own. Only those who have ever lived from suitcases and lived in hotels for weeks / months can understand this completely. Not being alone one night is an exception. I didn’t know him but surely you can trust a colleague?

Except that he wasn’t really a colleague as it turned out-he was just a visitor from another company (only found out later). Still, I didn’t think it would be such a big deal. We went to the restaurant and had a good chat about everything. No, he wasn’t my type at all, not even good-looking and no ring. What could go wrong, right? I always talk to everybody, love learning from others.
My hobby is to find out what cars people drive as I used to do profiling, it’s my “fun” thing (albeit it’s not everyone’s idea of fun I realise). Anyway, I guessed pretty quickly that this guy drives a BMW. Then he said he was driving a 5 series. Hmmm. Only people with kids are driving that. It is a fact. But he didn’t have a ring as I said and he hadn’t mentioned kids, even though we had been talking for an hour or so by now. I was almost sure though that he had kids, profiling for a living is a powerful thing. Also he said he had a shed in the garden and he is doing his workouts in there. Why would you have a house and do your workout in the SHED if you didn’t have someone bothering you indoors? Which is fine but why wold you not mention it? After dinner he insisted to go for a drink. This is when I started to feel that if I wanted to have a little more fun, he wouldn’t have rejected it (I do click sooner later…). Luckily for his poor wife I wouldn’t do such a thing, even if he had been my type. I felt so sorry for that woman. I am sure every couple have difficult times but this is not a solution. Also I do believe in karma, if you do such a thing it would come back to you.
So how did I find out that he had kids? He actually pulled out his iPad as he wanted to show me a video and his screen saver showed him with two children… He tried to close the screen it but it was far too late. Like every girl, I did the usual stuff: “
Ah, you have kids? They are super cute! Show me the picture. Why did you not say?” Busted! Awkward!

So knowing he had children (and probably a wife) I thought he wouldn’t push it and again I was wrong.  Straight away he started to tell me the “heartbreaking” story about how he wasn’t happy with his wife, and how she really wouldn’t mind if he had a little “fun”…. 

Wrong. In seconds I had made my excuses and left. Learnt my lesson, no worries…

PS: My friend told me a story about another guy. She really fancied him and they had been chatting for ages (online dating of course) and finally they met, she was so excited. Very soon she realised that he had a thin white line on his finger… He did his best to remove his ring but he forgot that he just had been on holiday… my friend was out pretty soon too. Time wasters….
What is even worse when you fall for someone so badly and you realise so much later that he is actually married… I do hope I will never ever get to that situation!

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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