Babies all around – no need to worry

I don’t believe that is only single people who get pressured from society. “Are you looking for someone? You are not getting any younger!” (Really?! Thanks for pointing it out, makes me feel much better. More about this next week). One of my best friend just explained how people don’t seem to accept if you don’t decide on the name of the baby when you are expecting or (worse) if you don’t share it with them. Ridiculous. This is just one example though, there is no one who would be an exception. Asking from single people why they are single, from couples when they get married, from married couples why they don’t have a baby yet – IS NOT fair! Please don’t do it! You never know what can be the real reason. 

Being over 30 means that whenever I go home I visit babies. Babies all around! Which I genuinely love! It means that I can spend precious time with my friends (they are always at home and available -> bonus). We enjoy taking the babies for a walk, get a cake or a coffee (or both). Also my mum friends appreciate the adult company or, even the tiniest luxury like going to the toilet themselves (you can only understand this when you have been there)! Times like these I am never jealous! I love them so much and I am happy for them but I would never swap places with them. I would like my own story and also their hubbies would drive me nuts (I swear). And I it is very nice that they don’t feel sorry for me just because I am single. They know me well 😉

One of my wise friends told me once that being jealous is normal and it’s very human. The main question is and what shows that you are intelligent, is if you can handle it and get over it super fast. Don’t mention it to the other person and don’t get depressed. No point (waste of time). And just to even the balance I am sure they wouldn’t swap places with me. Even when sometimes in those very vulnerable, raw and honest moments I hear (and see) that my mum friends are utterly exhausted! They don’t have time for sleeping or doing any kind of basic pampering for themselves. They haven’t seen any films or read a book. But we know it’s not good or bad. It’s different. It’s just different to my life. Another friend told me this once which I can’t argue with: whatever period in your life you’re in, make the most of it cos it will never come back. And it’s true when you are single and also true when you have children. You might go insane but to be fair for the love you get from your kids it is totally worth it. And they grow up so fast- that time will never come back. And when you are single you can travel, try out everything, learn new things, meet with amazing people, discover yourself and so much more! I think we should all appreciate what we do have, enjoy it and make the most of it! 

Next: Mother II – time is ticking

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)


Love them all!


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