Ready for the next chapter

After being “brave” (and “stupid” according to some) I had managed to get an interview. How and why? It is an interesting story. Just because it was meant to be I guess. I was travelling a lot and trained the new person to take over my role so I had no time to look for a job at all. I was exhausted. Beyond walking dead. I just assumed I would find something after. Like I said, I don’t recommend leaving a job, having nothing lined up, if you don’t have savings though (see previous post).

Do you remember the girl from Pret? My first new friend in London? When I told her that I quit my job she gave me her recruiter friend’s phone number. I called him. In 5 min, he gave me some good advice and he also checked my CV and told me to do some changes. He sent my CV to one of his friend who is a top finance recruiter in London. I had nothing else, only this lead. I went to see him one week before my last day and he was great.  He sent my CV to one place and I managed to get an interview on my very last day! And after 20 minutes I got the job and for much more money than I was on before! Now I had the most important part to start my new life in London: a job in London. I started the following week! No time for a break and adjustment. I was very lucky I know. If this is not luck, what is it? (the Universe 😉 ) It doesn’t happen that often in London I am sure but it seems it had to happen this way. I couldn’t stop thinking about this: it all happened because I met that girl in Pret….

Additionally to this I actually helped a friend at the same time as well. She had an interview in London on the same day. She landed the day a before, I picked her up and she stayed at mine. Guess what, she also got the job. She was also told on the same day I was! We could both start our new chapter! Being single in London 🙂 with a new job!

I was very happy at the time. Why I had to get a job there and then, and what lessons I had to learn I only figured out later. I can confirm one old statement though: everything happens for a reason…

Next: What is POF?

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

Nothing expresses my feelings better than this song from a very talented, special singer Szilvia! She is really closed to my heart 🙂 It’s called Never Again and it was my anthem for a very long time… You will understand why!
“…cos this life is made for living no regrets no doubts..”

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