What is POF?

One year after the break-up and I finally decided to put myself on the market again. Hottest place to be on the market was (apparently) Plenty of Fish. All happiness apparently happens there. Can I be the same? Can I find the one right here and now? Let’s see…

I “loved” my friend’s stories about all of these dates. How one guy went off mid-date to try a pair of trousers on and she never saw him again. How she went to dinner with a guy she really liked and noticed the “white” line on his finger where he didn’t get a tan…. My other friend went to dinner and the guy’s payment card just didn’t work. Went to the machine and he had 5 cards in his wallet but his card just didn’t work….after he explained how he spent 500 pounds in Westfield…Women could write an endless book about these a**h@l#s. It should’t put you off of course!

Anyway, at least it’s good fun right? Took me two hours at least to fill in all the forms and viola I was on the market. (With this move I have just given away my data for free and made them an even bigger data collection site). 1000s of profiles to flip through. Which is not so great when you are that type who always likes to finish things (a book or a film, etc.) I can’t stand to leave something half done/half arsed! The first night I could hardly stop searching. Can be very addictive. Always hoped that a good looking man would come up or someone who has got a good profile. (Wishful thinking, I know)

It is a great confidence booster if you see past the creepy messages and read the compliments… Albeit I am not sure how well intentioned some of these men were with their compliments.

But it didn’t feel right, me liking guys, maybe I am very old fashioned but I like when a guy makes the first move.Very soon I noticed that more idiots and losers were on the site than good ones and it was very time consuming to filter them. (So tiring!!!!)

I have too many young colleagues and boys around me to know and hear the other side. How they think about this and it always puts me off. Three nights in a row I started to see the same people, always on line. That’s when it hit me. You’re all here all the time. You don’t have a life. Going further into my thoughts I realized, I didn’t have a life. Why am I playing with my phone and scanning through 100’s of absolutely non-potential guys instead of going out and exploring? After 3-5 days I met with one guy. My first time. Guess what. He wasn’t using his own picture. What a big surprise. He really wanted to go back to mine and tried to tell me how good it would be. Never mind that he was not very handsome and very annoying too. I quickly escaped and as I was walking home I did the most reasonable thing: deleted my profile. It wasn’t the right time. It felt like a massive relief. Could breathe again. Wasn’t locked up in this fake virtual world with a crazy addiction. There must be another way… Or maybe not…Time will tell…

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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Due to the fact that today is Santa day, see below combined Santa with POF 😉
– Happy Santa Day All!!!

POF and Santa

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