Being a “yeti” – don’t let it happen

This is a big challenge I know. Why would you keep up with high standards when there is no one to do it for? No one is there to inspire you and bring out the woman from you. I agree and I can imagine what you think right now trust me. Long trousers will do, make up goes to the minimum, nails are all good as natural and hair is boring as hell. Black and white outfit is safe and simple. I hope dear reader that you never had that standard drop. I have been there for a short period of time. My look was not a priority on my list. It didn’t click straight away what a catch 22 I was in. How could I feel better and feel like a woman if I didn’t put effort in? But I had no energy to do it.

You always do it for yourself and not for others. To satisfy your need and feed your inner glow. Looking in the mirror and smile and feel satisfaction.  Standing in front of the cupboard for long minutes and not feeling anything. Can’t imagine any outfit, can’t mix anything and you don’t feel any tiniest motivation to look good. Not even having the “I have got nothing to wear” drama. That’s when a strong nail varnish or lipstick can really help actually but when the confidence level is down red is not the first choice. It would attract too much attention. You need to be able to wear it and it is not always easy.

Me and my razor stayed friends luckily but I have many friends where razors were a distant memory (and you become a yeti ;-)). No judgement. I just hope that you can get back into the habit regardless who can see it or feel it 🙂 and don’t do it because I said so, do it for yourself and try to get that desire back. The need to feel your stunning (inner and outer) self every day.

Go out and get a nice nail varnish, a colourful lipstick and if you have some extra even a colourful top. Maybe check out a hair video on YouTube, go on Pinterest and copy an outfit, go for a run and show the world what is in you. Hopefully sooner or later every morning you will put on the most important accessories you can have and use: your smile!

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friendSarah)


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