When a girl goes to the pub

I am waiting for my friend. After a long tiring week finally I am here at Liverpool Street and all I need to do is wait a few minutes more for a drink. I am exhausted, my eyes are red, and I am dying for a bubble bath. Travelling at the beginning of the week, meeting a friend on Wednesday and watching La Boheme (what my friend said when it ended: just like life, right?) on Thursday means I had no “me” time 😉 but it is good! Finally life is good. Work is freaking busy and I can be useful, bonus. Awesome!

And now here I am patiently waiting… Ready for a fun weekend. I will be able to catch up with my friend all weekend and have the luxury of seeing someone in my tiny flat. Here in the pub I am looking around and I feel like I am in a bubble. Pushing myself through the crowd I find a seat pretty easily. The noise is fascinating- this pub noise is so overwhelming and so strange, Liverpool Street after working hours. Bankers mixed with builders, boys and girls, different cultures etc. all in one place. Everybody is there for the same reason, drinking and socializing, laughing and listening to each other. I am suddenly invisible. I am alone and it means that I do stand out. That’s why girls don’t go to the pub to make friendships.

You need someone to go with you to justify your visibility and existence.

Please tell me I am not the only one who observes people whilst I wait. Guessing the relationships within groups is fascinating, a brief profiling. Then I look deeper and watch the body language and reactions of those talking. A girl is staring at her huge engagement ring waiting for her friend to come back from the bar. Old men group on the left, young on the right where one is talking and the rest looks bored, security at the doors watching for trouble makers, more groups on the balcony wearing suits. One girl is applying lip-gloss and her friends look like they are from a catalogue. The naked Angels (24 at least – counted them) on the ceiling must have got used to this craziness and colourful experiments. They have heard all the stories and secrets, they have seen more than the human brain could probably take! I remember the first time I came here. This decoration was nothing what I expected. It is a strange but beautiful pub. There’s a nice food smell in the air and reasonable price for a drink after work. What else do you need?

My friend is here now and subsequently changed my status with her arrival… Someone who justifies my existence in this pub.

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(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)


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