My wish to you is to take you on a journey, join me on the ups and downs of the emotional roller-coaster through feelings, thoughts and lessons that I have experienced myself which, I hope, will help you and others on the much debated and often sensitive subject: being single.

Have you ever had these thoughts in your head: What am I going to do? Who am I? What have I done wrong? What is wrong with me? No one loves me. I can’t stop crying. I am lost. Lonely.  – if yes, let me tell you this: You are not alone! The good news is: it will pass 😉

After 5 years of being in a serious relationship I became single. Being over 30 and aware that people get dumped did not help cushion the shock and emotional upheaval that followed. And the World has ended… or this is how it felt like.  I was lost and lonely and the pain was just too much for me to handle. My confidence evaporated as I was stripped of my self-esteem and my personal shield.  I felt like I was starting from scratch and not just in the love department. Due to my circumstances, I had no choice but to move elsewhere, find a new job, make new friends, new goals and plans and a whole list of problems I fixated on.

Step by step and day by day I started to put the broken pieces together. And by time it did get better and I have learned how to “re-set my thoughts” and not to look back.  I look past what I had lost and am constantly looking forward to make most of my life and write a brand new exciting chapter in my life.

Realising and getting to this stage was not easy.  It was essential for me to practise how to just let it go and appreciate all the amazing things I do have.  Digging deep I found energy inside me and discovered my inner glow that has inspired me to live and grow.  On my journey I have met so many lovely and inspirational people which made me realise that pain is lessoned when approached together. However, with the transient society (particularly in London) sometimes finding a true friend can be as challenging as finding your one and only!  The biggest challenge for me was to motivated myself to take action on my thoughts and not ignore the little voice in my head.

I believe that sharing my experience will help to motivate others and ease their journey from being lonely to being happily single.  This is not a dating site.  If that is what you are looking for this is not for you.  This is not about how to learn dating skills, this is about celebrating our uniqueness and finding our inner glow and happiness.  This is about meeting like-minded people who can understand you so you can find friends easily.  You are not alone and you don’t have to be either!



there is so much to discover

there is so much to discover

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