Quick trips few clicks II.

Italy – can’t go there enough! You can’t take it all in: the history, the lifestyle, the people, the food, the sun and so much more. Italy was the first big trip in my life. We travelled around by car. No cheap flights back then. Best childhood memory ever! The will find the nicest ice-creams, the freshest tomatoes, pizzas and parmesan in Italy. You never want to eat anything else in your life! They really know how to make food! This album has got some pictures from Venice and Rome. Both very magical places and if I could, I would upload all the pictures but you would get bored and really you need to go there and see it and experience it yourself. Do your homework first, there is something special to see every corner therefore a priority list might come handy. Start with Venice as we know it won’t last forever which is a real shame. Best time to go to Italy is May I think. It’s not too hot but nice and sunny and make sure you have very comfortable shoes 🙂



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