Quick trips few clicks III.

Espana! What else 🙂 ? The people who really know how to dance and have fun! And again the food is delicious: paella, churros, tapas and Cava etc the list is endless. You need to go to Can Paixano in Barcelona, best food ever and very cheap. It closes very early so make sure you get there before 5pm I think. What I love about Barcelona that you get the sea and the beach but it is a city break at the same time as well (thanks to Gaudi). Strictly no diet when you are there and I have to say 5 days were not enough. And my other lovely trip in Spain was Valencia so far. I was lucky as my very good friend lived there when I went and I got a proper tour :-). The best when you visit someone and you are not a tourist alone. Such a different experience! I wish I had a friend in every town 🙂




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