Quick trips few clicks IV.

Bonjour! Oh I wish I could speak French! It sounds amazing. Trip to Paris is highly recommended, looks so different in real life. Everything is so much bigger! Diet again is not an option, starting every day with a nice croissant :-). Comfy shoes and patience are very important, you will learn what “real” queuing means in Paris. Be prepared! The good news is: it’s totally worth it! Like every magical city, it will mezmerise you and you will promise yourself that you will come back again :-)! I have also added some pictures from Calais. It was a very short visit. So many cars are driving through Calais without thinking about to stop for a couple of hours. I think you should when you get a chance. I hope I will live a long life and I can travel around France for weeks in the future, I will keep my hopes up 😉





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