Dear Reader,

I have made a small selection of very simple and easy recipes hoping that you find them just as useful as I did when I started a new life in a new kitchen which was almost empty (1 blender, 1 frying pan, 1 pot and a hand mixer, salt, pepper and chilli – that’s all I had). Living on my own (cooking for only one) really changed my priority list. Cooking just wasn’t as important anymore.  I don’t like to admit but I wasn’t as inspired as I used to be. Of course it has changed a lot as time went on and I have come up with a brand new way of  “cooking”. I only cook very simple and very quick dishes. Now I could live on only soup, salad and smoothies. But I do cook some “normal” food as well. Also I have created a new structure of using up all of my ingredients through out the week.

At the beginning me and my kitchen became strangers. Also as my social life started to pick up, I hardly allocated anytime to create something amazing. Which meant that even an omelette felt like doing a Sunday roast because I used the pan and not just preparing a sandwich :). It doesn’t mean I don’t like cooking, I love it but I don’t feel the need at this period of my life to open up a good cook book and invest in many new ingredients, only some of the basic ones. Also I know I won’t have time to use them all up before they go off. Does it sound familiar?  Don’t rely on frozen pizza, there is a solution!

Below I have offered some suggestions through my own experiences for those of you who feel the way I do when it comes to creating something good in the kitchen.  These are a selection of simple recipes for aspiring chefs who don’t own every cookery appliance under the sun.  All my recipe’s are focussed on healthy food which I believe leads to healthier well-being.   Also, these ideas can be transferred to when you have friends around and cooking to impress them! Please enjoy and share with your friends.

Love, An

PS: if you want to find out more about shopping, you might find this POST useful


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