DOLCE VITA – Puddings

Pudding is the best! I think we all agree. Nothing is nicer than the fresh baking smell in the kitchen. I do like baking and sadly it is something I don’t really do often anymore. I am sure one day I will be able to bake a lot again. Therefore it makes sense to start and collect my favourite ones so far. As always, I do like quick, easy ones. It comes handy when I need to impress my friends. I swear once my friends had an argument over the last slice of cheesecake I made. And it is also useful when there is a charity bake off at work. Out of my friends Lou is the best. She has all the tools and she makes the most beautiful cakes ever (I might ask her to send me some so I can make this page more fun). She is single (at the moment anyway) but she bakes more than anyone I know. Such a shame we don’t work together anymore. When I have my own kitchen again, I will go and get some training from her ;). Here you are, the very first selection! More to come soon I promise 🙂


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