Almond cookie

This is the best recipe when you need to bake something good and take it to work. We always have something going on: birthday, leaving due or bake-off etc. I promise it will be very popular. Takes 20 minutes maximum. Also when I feel a bit down and I need something sweet I make a smaller portion. Smells really good.

Ingredients (10 balls):

200g grounded almond
75g icing sugar (original says 100g but its far too much)
1 small egg
1 coffee spoon vanilla paste
2 coffee spoon baking powder
lemon zest

In theory you supposed to mix the sugar with the egg and the baking powder first but me being impatient  I always put everything in a bowl, mix it all with my hands and create little balls. Putting them in muffin paper cups and put it in the oven. 175-180 celsius and depending on the ball sizes you need 15-20 minutes. Much less than you think so check it often, when it starts to turn gold it’s ready (see picture below).

Almond cookie1 Almond cookie2








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