Peas and carrot soup

When I need something hot and yummy in 10 minutes! This is the winner choice. You hardly need anything and it tastes delicious. Warms you up and you don’t need to use the boring pre-made ones, they can wait 🙂

Ingredients (for 1):

1/2 cup frozen peas
1 carrot
1/5 vegetable stock
2 dl water
some fusilli pasta (depends on how hungry you are)
lazy chilli or fresh (for me anyway)


Boil the kettle, chop the carrot just make sure again it’s thin, this time super thin is the best. Just add everything in the pot and cook it for 8 minutes. When the pasta is cooked, your soup is done! I haven’t found a quicker one yet!


Pea and carrot 1 Pea and carrot 2






Pea and carrot 3








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