Steak and veg

Whenever I eat steak I feel like a queen! It meant to be very expensive but it’s actually not that bad, it depends on how expensive your taste is :). Steak has never been a popular dish at home so never had it when I was younger. Only started to like it later but by then of course I wasn’t allowed to make it as I lived with a steak expert for a long time. However steak and vegetables are the best combo when you live on your own therefore I learnt fast enough how to make it.
First of all you can buy only one slice at the counter (Bonus!). If you buy them in a box you can still freeze them but somehow it is an exception for me. And second of all it takes only 15 minutes to make it. It’s healthy and quick! I don’t eat red meat very often (only steak, lamb and bacon) but a good steak is priceless. I am happy to say that the first one was perfect, I didn’t overcook it. It was nice and soft 🙂

Ingredients (for 1):

1 slice steak (rump, sirloin)
4 mushrooms or 6 asparagus sticks
5 small tomatoes
half package  of pepper corn sauce (optional)


Wash the meat and make sure you wash up everything well you use or touch with the raw meat. You can either marinate it and leave it for next day. Or you can do the quick and lazy version (my version) when I only use olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli mix as always. Put these on one side, place it in the frying pan (medium heat) for 4 minutes. Put the same on the other side and turn it. Add the chopped mushroom, chuck them around the meat. Use some black pepper or a bit of soya sauce. Another 4 minutes and it is done.
With the 4 minute trick it’s still soft but not bloody. Just how I like it. If it’s a ribeye or fillet which are very thick you need more time and don’t ruin it with marinate. Strictly salt and pepper nothing else but that’s my personal opinion. Another success! 
If you make some pepper corn sauce, just get a small pot and mix half of the pack with either 1,5 dl milk or water (I use water) and boil it for 6 minutes, stir it constantly. Not a big fan of powders but this is too good to miss and no added MSG or any other crap.

Ingredients Steak and veg 1








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