Tomato and pepper mix

Normally you get a cheaper deal if you buy peppers and tomatoes in bags or boxes. But what to do when you have too many? The easiest and quickest thing to do: cook this mix and freeze it! This dish is called “Lecso” in Hungary. The most traditional food ever, it is right behind “Gulyas” soup.  It is very easy to make and freezes well. However you need the best “secret” ingredient: the Hungarian red paprika! If you know how and when to use this you can be a very popular chef ;-).

Ingredients (for 1):

2 tomatoes
1 pepper
1 small onion
red pepper (see picture below), salt and pepper
bacon, salami, sausage (optional)
1 chicken breast
1 potato / rice / pasta / bread (I don’t normally bother with the carbs but it is more filling it’s true)


Chop the onion, tomato and pepper (medium size squares). You need a pot first. Put the onion on first with some olive oil and stir it for couple of minutes. If you have salami or sausage put them on with the onion. Don’t put the heat too high or you burn it and it will taste horrible. 2-3 min later add the tomatoes and pepper and add the red paprika (of course salt and pepper as well). Also pour 1 dl water on the mix so it won’t burn. The tomato will have enough juice but you might need more water, it is hard to say. I trust your judgement :-). If you have some paprika paste called “piros arany” it can taste even better. Get some Hungarian friends and they can sort you out. Both are cheap and last forever. You can leave this mix on for 20 min. It’s worth to do more at the time and put it in a plastic box and freeze it. Don’t use an ice-cream box or you get very disappointed when you want something sweet and you find this ;-).
10 minutes later you can start to cook the chicken breast. Frying pan, oil, salt and pepper. Just simply cook it on both sides. The usual basic step. Cut it half to check if it’s cooked. 10 minutes normally enough.
If you need some potato or pasta, put them on before you start with the chicken.

Lecso ingredients Lecso ready








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