Saturday Smoothies

Saturday hopefully is an easy day or at least it is easier and less busy. When social life picks up Saturday is not a smoothie making day…. It only means that life is good either way. More time for peeling and for our health if stay in. More food for our soul and heart if we go out. Win – Win! Our fridge or cold room can still have some nice pieces of fruits, even if we bought them last Sunday. If you do have time, Saturday is the best day to visit Farmers’ Markets and get real stuff (even if it’s more expensive). I love the atmosphere so happy to go whenever I can.

Saturday: pear,ginger, grapefruit, cucumber

Saturday: pear,ginger, grapefruit, cucumber


4 Pears, 5-6cm Ginger (grated), 2 Grapefruits,               1/4 Cucumber and water

This is a proper cleaning smoothie. You can feel straight away how refreshing it is. It is really good after being out on a Friday night. Takes ages as I remove the grapefruit from the segments but I guess you don’t have to.


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