Carrot soup

When I was a kid and my cousin was 1 year old, my aunt asked me to finish his carrot baby food. God knows what was in it (25 years ago) but it was awful. That’s all I can recall and the fact that it really put me off for at least two decades. I always liked raw carrot so when my soup-mania started I was brave enough to make some carrot soup and I am really pleased I did. Carrot and ginger on the top list as you can see. (max 30 min)

Ingredients (for 1):

3 medium sized carrots
1 small onion or half
3 cm ginger (grated)
1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
salt and pepper (no stock)
1 teaspoon pine nuts (don’t put more, it is very strong)
2 dl boiled water
+ 1 potato can go with it if you have some but if not it’s ok

As usual if you make two portions just double the amount


As always put the onion in a pan with some oil first and few minutes later add the rest. Like always 20 minutes should be enough but slice the carrot and the potato thin. When it’s done just blend it. I shouldn’t  even put the method here anymore 🙂









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