Miso soup

This is not the type of Miso soup you get in the fast food chains. My friend Lucia has learnt this from her friend who is from Japan. However the recipe has been changed a bit of course, we live in London after all. When I learnt this from her I took a picture of everything so I knew what to buy in the shop (not in a normal shop I am afraid). I liked her soup so much I decided to invest in the ingredients. This was a big step for me (having more than chilli, salt and pepper). Like always, these ingredients last forever so won’t be wasted! (max 20 min)


1 teaspoon  katsuobushi (dried and smoked bonito flakes)
some aoko
2 types of dried seaweed (see pics below)
1 spoon from the small seaweed pack and break into pieces 1 sheet from the big one
tofu (as much as you like)
1/2 pint stock (chicken) OR best trick from Lucia: half a pack of instant chicken noodle soup
and of course miso paste (You never boil it!)

This is the only one where I struggle to identify the amount for one or more actually. The good thing is, it will last for a couple of days in the fridge so if you make too much you can have it later. Once I came up with the right amount, I will edit this page I promise!


Boil some water and add the ingredients except the paste. In less than 10 minutes take it off from the gas, let it cool a bit and add the paste. Alternatively you can add an egg when you boil it. It will give a good thick texture (see pic).

Miso2 Miso3

















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