Sweet potato soup

Sweet potato is always a winner choice. It lasts forever and according to those, who know much more than me, it’s a kind of good carb. I can eat this all the time, just like broccoli. Having sweet potato, carrot and onion at home is not a big deal and this way I can always make something healthy. (30-35 min)

Ingredients (for 1):

1 medium sweet potato
1 medium carrot
1 small onion
1 fresh chilli or chilli flakes
1/2 pint stock (veg)
1/2 lime
fresh coriander if you have some
+ sour cream but it’s really just my thing

If you make two portions one chilli is still enough.


Put the onion in a pan with some oil first and few minutes later add the rest. Like always 20 minutes should be enough but slice the carrot and the potato thin. When it’s done just blend it. Making soup is always this simple yes!

Sweet potato

This picture shows two portions simply because I love it so much so I like to eat it two days in a row which doesn’t happen really often.





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