Tomato soup

I have learnt this from Fiona who got the recipe from here mum. I have also sent this to many friends who loved my tomato soup so this recipe definitely deserves to get the number one spot. (max 30 min)

Ingredients (for 1):

1 chopped small carrot
1 small onion or half (make sure you cover the onion as it collects all the bacterias in the fridge)
1-2 slices of bacon (optional but gives a better flavour)
1 small or half tin tomatoes
half pint stock
2 Bayleaves
1 glove garlic (optional)
+ add milk to taste at the end (again it is optional, I use sour cream instead)

To get two portions just double the amount (if you make it for 2, you don’t need to put the onion and the tin tomato in the fridge)


Very simply put the onion and bacon on some oil and after few min add the rest (except milk or sour cream). Cook it for 20 min and when it’s ready remove the bayleaves and blend it. Count them! If it’s too thick just add some water and the sour cream or the milk. If it’s not thick enough just put the heat up and boil it for couple of minutes. If it is too much, you can freeze the rest. Make sure you do it before you add the milk. Job done!

Tomato soup

Tomato soup ready








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