The new “Hole”!

The big day eventually arrived… I had found a flat or “the hole” as I would affectionately call it later, and I was moving in. Having a tiny studio all to myself, with the freedom to cook when I please and just be as I please (I could even walk naked if I wanted to…..), was rather brilliant at times. On the flip-side however, was having a tiny studio which was just for me- after sharing a lovely big house with the man I loved. It was a bit of an adjustment….. Continue reading

How to bin everything

Being still at stage 1 when you still don’t really fully understand how life is going to change. You still have the survival instinct and you just keep going cos you don’t have a choice!

After a month I had the amazing task of getting rid of most of my belongings! Surely one of us had to leave the house and in this case it was obvious that it would be me. We agreed that he would buy me out and I would walk away, nice and easy. Didn’t know back then how hard and painful this whole process can be (Never again! Hopefully…). Continue reading