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After being “brave” (and “stupid” according to some) I had managed to get an interview. How and why? It is an interesting story. Just because it was meant to be I guess. I was travelling a lot and trained the new person to take over my role so I had no time to look for a job at all. I was exhausted. Beyond walking dead. I just assumed I would find something after. Like I said, I don’t recommend leaving a job, having nothing lined up, if you don’t have savings though (see previous post).

Do you remember the girl from Pret? My first new friend in London? When I told her that I quit my job she gave me her recruiter friend’s phone number. I called him. In 5 min, he gave me some good advice and he also checked my CV and told me to do some changes. He sent my CV to one of his friend who is a top finance recruiter in London. I had nothing else, only this lead. I went to see him one week before my last day and he was great.  He sent my CV to one place and I managed to get an interview on my very last day! And after 20 minutes I got the job and for much more money than I was on before! Now I had the most important part to start my new life in London: a job in London. I started the following week! No time for a break and adjustment. I was very lucky I know. If this is not luck, what is it? (the Universe 😉 ) It doesn’t happen that often in London I am sure but it seems it had to happen this way. I couldn’t stop thinking about this: it all happened because I met that girl in Pret….

Additionally to this I actually helped a friend at the same time as well. She had an interview in London on the same day. She landed the day a before, I picked her up and she stayed at mine. Guess what, she also got the job. She was also told on the same day I was! We could both start our new chapter! Being single in London 🙂 with a new job!

I was very happy at the time. Why I had to get a job there and then, and what lessons I had to learn I only figured out later. I can confirm one old statement though: everything happens for a reason…

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(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

Nothing expresses my feelings better than this song from a very talented, special singer Szilvia! She is really closed to my heart 🙂 It’s called Never Again and it was my anthem for a very long time… You will understand why!
“…cos this life is made for living no regrets no doubts..”

Turning point – handing my notice in

This moment was a magic moment. I will never forget it. That smile on my face was solid. I had the money I needed to be able to do it, finally! It was spring time, perfect timing and my one year working in marketing on the agency side, was done and I had learnt all the things I set out to learn. Finally the dark period (travelling and no life) and my hotel life came to an end. The light appeared at the end of the tunnel. I would get my life back. No more waiting, I am in charge of my life again. Did I have another job? No! Did everybody think I was an idiot? Yes! Were they right? No 🙂 Thank god! You will understand this later on…

My young female manager wasn’t the best boss of my life I have to say, so letting her know that I was leaving was the best feeling ever. She made my life difficult (not the first and not the last). Let’s say we didn’t click. However I can’t be grateful enough because if she had been nice I might have stayed longer and I shouldn’t have. She was my sign. She gave me the last kick. I will give her, her due though, I have learnt a lot from her. I have learnt how to handle challenging work folk!

Couple of thoughts:
1. When someone makes your life miserable at work, be grateful for it! It means you got your sign and now it is time to move on!
2. Don’t complain about your job! If you hate it, move on and change your life! This is your life and the only person who can change it, is YOU! Take some actions and find another one, stop looking for excuses! However I have to say, sometimes you do need to stay for a bit longer (e.g saving some money first, finishing a course, maybe moving is coming up, waiting for spring when the market is better etc.). When it happens just always concentrate on the finish date and knowledge that it is only temporary! It will help you to concentrate on better things 😉 trust me, when you are constantly complaining you are not a fun person to be with!
3. People used to tell me that your job is only a job and you shouldn’t worry about it. When you finish work just stop thinking about it…. I can’t think like that. I admire everybody who can switch off though. I do believe when you are surrounded with like-minded people and you love what you do, you have more energy at the end of the day.
4. Whatever you do, be good at it and make the most of it! Smiling cost nothing! You have to go to work anyway so might as well do it with a happy mindset. Also think about how you can do more, maybe do some courses and improve your skills. When you are growing your confidence will increase as well.
5. Sometimes you start a new job and you realise that you are different and you don’t fit in. It happens! Don’t lose faith, nothing is wrong with you! You are not better or worse, you are just different! You can give yourself some time and see if it gets any better, it might do. Maybe there is a lesson you need to learn (this is how I think about it anyway). The choice is yours: you are not a tree, you can move!

Warning! Do not quit your job without planning and/or savings! Thank you!

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(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)