NEW YEAR – Appreciate all that is great

I might be the New Year’s Eve Grinch equivalent but I hate New Year’s Eve. A lot. It is an overpriced “must” and for me most of the time it is a disaster. I have learnt not to have any expectation (which is good regarding other things btw as well) so I don’t get disappointed but still. Best ones have been when I have stayed at home with friends or family. Quiet, nothing special – amazing.

Being single in London the first time at NY Eve put pressure on me. Obviously everybody wants to know where you will be at New Year’s Eve and I always said I was going to be with friends somewhere in London (had nothing planned of course). Luckily for me, and at the last minute, this really happened. Law of attraction! I was invited to London to spend time with a group of Spanish friends. We had a house party planned and tickets to a club. Of course when we got to the bar and even though it was before 10, there was a massive queue. And even though we had our tickets they wanted us to pay an extra £50-100 (can’t remember) to get in- this is London baby! Of course no one wanted to pay that amount right after Christmas so we started to walk around London. Finding a good place so late in the day is impossible. I had remembered though that there was a good pub at Liverpool Street, which was close by, and I hoped it would be open. And it was! Lucky us! Great people, affordable drink, fireworks on TV, good music, what else do you need? I also learnt a new tradition on that night. Spanish people eat grapes at midnight! Such a cool tradition! My night did work out well after all.

New Year’s Eve always brings with it hope. I never try to make any resolutions, no point, I probably wouldn’t keep to them and I get disappointed when I don’t. Instead I use it to value all of the good things in my life. To appreciate everything good that has happened in the previous year and I appreciate all that I have (not thinking about anything I don’t have).

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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My New Year

My New Year