New Year – New me?

Happy New Year All! Wish you all the happiness and let’s make this year a big one! Even bigger than the previous!
Instead of new year’s resolutions (it only makes you disappointed when you don’t keep them) let’s write an awesome plan and work out how to execute it! Set up milestones and write a priority list. What to put on the list? Everything which makes YOU happy! Everything which makes you smile and boosts your confidence! The rest will follow 😉 Normally I have 3 sections: brain, body and travelling. Plus “Others” just in case I have extras (ok, I admit – always). This is the best time to focus on the future and appreciate what we have and what we achieved. Don’t look back, there is no regret. What you do right NOW that makes a difference.

So is it really a ‘new year – new me’ approach? I would like to believe that it is still me, maybe an improved version with plans and dreams. And I like to dream BIG!

It is the easiest to start with your body and health, doing more activity and concentrate on sensible eating. Last year when I was thinking more and more about my health I went to see a Practitioner in Naturopathy, Acupuncture /TCM. It was the best experience ever! It gave me a great kick and motivation, she became my accountability buddy.

I have the most common problems such as hay fever, digestion and sleeping issues of course only in the last X months (I wonder why!). She was lovely and helpful and taught me many new things. I spent the weekend after my visit getting ready for improved lifestyle. Main goal: cutting sugar…. This is the hardest challenge. Stopping coffee was painful, I don’t wish for that zombie land period again that’s for sure. I used to wonder “Will I hit someone when I am craving sugar so badly?? 😉 ”  And turns out I have been doing many things right, being so open to the healthy lifestyle. But no more “specials” after lunch, no sugar rush hmm…(the only solution I have found so far is a ‘Nakd’ bar after lunch)

The needle part was nice and easy and even if it doesn’t work and I am sure it will, it is still a good type of placebo cos I know I will be okay. I want to concentrate on this. Oh yes! Once again the power of mind! And let’s face it, if something has been around for 1000s of years, there is a good chance it works.

#get inspired and write a fabulous plan for 2016!

PS: after a year I can tell that acupuncture did help a lot and however I couldn’t stop eating sugar completely I did reduce it which is great.

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(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)




Look forward and not backward

Once you have a plan you can start to make actions. Making many lists doesn’t mean you are actually doing anything (I can say this because I am the first one who does this). You have to start scheduling them so you make them happen. If you do that there is a beautiful side effect. You begin to look forward and not backward. This is a golden rule; breaking the habit of looking back. A very hard thing to do I know. It is so easy to look back and see what I have lost and how I used to have everything and poor me etc. It is much harder to look ahead and build it all up again. I knew one thing though: I have done it once, I can do it again.

I started to pay for courses when I felt a bit better (starting to sort out the mind and keep it busy) and once you pay for something you are more likely to turn up which in turn puts you into a nice routine. You should start something you have always wanted to do. If you have a hobby already, now is the time you can really make the most of it! When I had to save up because I wanted to change jobs I had to be a bit more creative as I didn’t want to spend money. Apart from running and doing my work out DVD at home I started to do meet ups and learn about things I always wanted. I love learning from other people too (geek I know).

Once I was done with the “thinking about the past 24/7” period I started going through the grieving period and experiencing all the other stages. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance etc…Once it is ALL done, and only time can help here really, I did notice that kicking my own butt and doing these things helped me to change the trend and I broke the bad habit. Looking forward became the new trend. It took me a year to turn this around completely and now I am more excited about my future than ever before. I genuinely wouldn’t swap it for my past (when I was happy but differently) at all. It is so much better and so much more exciting. It was the new me, the 3.1 version by then.

The world opened up and the law of attraction (again) started to work like magic. I believe in the power of mind and being positive and selfless. I believe these thoughts will start to attract good people, good experiences, good plans and much more. You get more energy than ever because you give more energy as well.

I read a book about depression, which assured me that as long as I go to work I am not depressed (Great news!). And if I dress up every day I am actually really far from it. Bonus! So I had to keep myself busy, putting the excuses away and listen to my inner voice. My inner voice was always there to help but I am great at finding excuses to ignore it!

I also came up with a great trick. When I didn’t have energy in the morning to do something for example, go to dance, I called my best friend and quickly told her to tell me that I should go to dance. I would also tell her my plan for the day which I wanted to postpone. She did what she was told and she kindly repeated what I said and because my brain heard it from outside I actually started to act. Also she became my accountability body for the day, I knew I wouldn’t lie to her or let her down so I just did what I planned for the day and I felt brilliant in the end. I didn’t waste a day! And this simple thing added to my self-esteem as well. It was all connected.

Luckily those days didn’t last long where I needed to rely on a friend for motivation. When you need energy you should be able to seek help but make sure you don’t drain one person and make sure you spread your resources (previous post). Don’t just take from others. Start to get your energy from sport, work, a hobby and helping others. Once you start to help others and know how to give again you can be sure that you will start to glow again.

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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Look forward

Look forward


The first “To do list”

When my first ever plan (post breakup), became visible I started to write my ideas down. You can’t keep everything in your head, it is not possible! Even if you are really smart I recommend you get a notebook/ your phone and start to make your own plan. When you see something you like make a note. It can be a short course, a place, a movie, or a nice shirt, anything! Also start to write down your thoughts or feelings or a good quote you have just heard. It worked so well for me. When I didn’t know what to watch or where to go I just checked my notes. I created a new account and started to send my notes there and named the subject by the group (place, film etc…). Once you have this you have to make sure you review and start to plan ahead (just like with your shopping).

Make sure that family and friends are put first in your plans. You career is important but your colleagues won’t be there for you when you are in trouble. I love working hard and provide the best quality but now I am over 30 I do appreciate that I have a life and it’s not all about work. And if you are not happy in your job you should concentrate on getting another one. You spend most of your time at work so if it’s cr*p IT WILL UPSET THE BALANCE IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE. I used to be told “don’t worry about it is just work” but did I stop worrying at 5pm? Noooooo. Couldn’t switch off. But as a clever person once said; you are NOT a tree! You are mobile and you can move. How fortunate. It’s all up to you. If you stay don’t whine. If you whine make sure you try to change what is making you whine.

I had recently handed my notice in (time for a change) and was starting to concentrate on repairing the broken pieces of me, gluing them back together. I used much stronger glue this time. I am sure I am still breakable but now that I had mended the foundation I hoped it wouldn’t be as easy.

Sport helped me in general (sorting out body first) and due to the fact that dancing was expensive I did a 30 day shred DVD – which was awesome- and I started to run too. These were all part of my first plans and since then I have never looked back.

(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

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The first plan

The first plan