Travel and explore, feed your soul!

The good thing about living in London, that sooner or later, you know at least one person in every town or country around the world. The world opens up (if you stop feeling sorry for yourself of course and are getting out). And once you have this luxury you can start to travel on your own. After a year you might feel brave enough to start planning trips to different places.

Of course I had to save money but going to Scotland and visiting my friend in Edinburgh really didn’t cost more than £80. I love Scotland, it is beautiful! It was spring but very cold. The colours you see in Scotland seem to be so different, so vivid.

I visited friends, who are a couple, and I was the third wheel but it wasn’t a problem. They are not that type who would make out in front of others. No hugging and long sloppy kisses. Perfect! (lucky me!) And apart from the obvious questions about my sex life they really didn’t bother me with the usual boring stories, advice or questions, and they didn’t feel sorry for me! (At least they made a good show of pretending not to feel sorry for me. 😉 )

Being fantastic friends, they did what I needed the most after my dark, dull days and weeks in the winter (either working from home or living in hotels) they took me on trips to explore local nature reserves and exposed me to the fresh air. Bad moods and sadness simply do not exist when these kinds of views surround you. You open up in minutes and you breathe in the fresh air, you open up your eyes and appreciate just being there. When outside in places like this you smile constantly, a true and honest smile. You are alive and can see the world differently again (at least I did). I am part of this big world. Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of the sea (any water really). I know my pictures can’t show you how breathtaking the view was but I advise you all befriend a person from Scotland!

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(Author: An, edited by my lovely friend Sarah)

Reborn! – Travelling (Part II)

Days went by, “feeling sorry for myself” status began to ease up a little and my confidence began to come back (let’s say the first 1%). Things got better and my friend & I decided to take a bus to New York…

Do you think it’s possible to talk for 4 hours without any break, almost without breathing? Of course it is! And this is how my friend and I past our time on the journey. Sometimes though as the bus was taking us to this unique, dreamy city, I felt an urge to cry but I managed not to. How could I?! I was heading to New York! My eyes were shining and I kept the tears at bay.

Deciding to stay right next to Grand Central Station was a good decision. Two days really isn’t enough to experience New York City but you can squeeze in quite a lot in when you’re in the heart of the city. Wall Street, Statue of Liberty (Couldn’t stop thinking of X-men – these films rock!), MOMA, 5th Avenue, Rockefeller centre, Central Park, 9/11 Memorial, great food, so much to do and sooo much walking!

Sunset and NYC

Sunset and NYC

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Who am I? – Travelling (Part I)

Any travelling is a great idea and if there is a chance you can afford to, go go go! Next town is just as good!

Coincidently my ticket had been booked way before the “Big Bang”… and thank-god too because my trip saved me, from myself! Urgh could I cry anymore, is it even possible?! Sometimes I really didn’t think I had anymore tears left in me but I would always prove myself wrong. (Swollen eyes are so annoying….) Continue reading