Reborn! – Travelling (Part II)

Days went by, “feeling sorry for myself” status began to ease up a little and my confidence began to come back (let’s say the first 1%). Things got better and my friend & I decided to take a bus to New York…

Do you think it’s possible to talk for 4 hours without any break, almost without breathing? Of course it is! And this is how my friend and I past our time on the journey. Sometimes though as the bus was taking us to this unique, dreamy city, I felt an urge to cry but I managed not to. How could I?! I was heading to New York! My eyes were shining and I kept the tears at bay.

Deciding to stay right next to Grand Central Station was a good decision. Two days really isn’t enough to experience New York City but you can squeeze in quite a lot in when you’re in the heart of the city. Wall Street, Statue of Liberty (Couldn’t stop thinking of X-men – these films rock!), MOMA, 5th Avenue, Rockefeller centre, Central Park, 9/11 Memorial, great food, so much to do and sooo much walking!

Sunset and NYC

Sunset and NYC

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Who am I? – Travelling (Part I)

Any travelling is a great idea and if there is a chance you can afford to, go go go! Next town is just as good!

Coincidently my ticket had been booked way before the “Big Bang”… and thank-god too because my trip saved me, from myself! Urgh could I cry anymore, is it even possible?! Sometimes I really didn’t think I had anymore tears left in me but I would always prove myself wrong. (Swollen eyes are so annoying….) Continue reading